Grandstream phone does not reboot when template changes[SOLVED]

hi, i have seen several posts about this but none seem to point to a solution. I have a grandstream 2130 phone on freepbx 13 and commercial EPM. when i make a change to the template and choose “save/rebuild/update” the phones do not reboot, i have to reboot them by hand.

does anyone know why this is and how to fix it?

thanks in advance

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Not sure why EPM doesnt do it, you may want to open a ticket. But you can do it via the Asterisk CLI with:

sip notify grandstream-check-cfg <peer>

Where equals extension number. I just tested and it still works via CLI.

Known issue:

There is a workaround at the end.

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lgaetz, thanks for that, i forgot to check issues. I changed the base config on the template and that works now…

thanks again!

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