Grandstream phone de-registers every 10 minutes


after upgrading to FreePBX 13 and changing asterisk from 11 to 13 I have a problem with a specific Grandstream GXP1400 phone, without changing ANYTHING on the configuration.

The phone is registered, unregister without any certain reason, (it stays registered exactly for 10 minutes) and after exactly 60 minutes it registers again. After 10 minutes it unregister and this circle goes on and on…

I’ve tried everything, changed switch port,changed switch,factory reset etc.

It is the only phone that is on the same subnet as my freepbx box. All the other phones are on another subnet, but I have it also as local subnet on asterisk settings…

Any idea???

When it unregisters, check to see if the IP is in the intrusion detection list ( additionally are you using the new firewall module? if so check there and maybe add that network as trusted). Since this is the only phone on that subnet, it would not affect the other phones and most would rule that possibility out. Other than that, the only thing that would do this is some sort of time-out in your sip settings. If nothing seems out of place checking into various settings then it’s time to start turning on verbose core and sip logging (core set verbose 9 and sip set debug on) and even do some packet capturing with tcpdump and reading that with wireshark or some other pcap program.

Good luck! These things are often tricky to solve and take time and patience.


After upgrading from 12 to 13 I also had problems with Polycom 301, 501 and 550’s unregistering for no reason the registering again. I saw this post :-

and I wondered if it might have some bearing. When I upgraded to 13 asterisk went from 13.5 to 13.6, my other version 13 (clean installs not upgraded from 12) were still on 13.5

I downgraded the asterisk version to 13.5 and so far no more problems over the last 5 days.


It seems the issue is with freepbx, you can try downgrading asterisk version and see if that makes difference . However, there some settings on the phone that can help overcoming the issue , such as reducing the registration expiration, Re-register before Expiration Or enabling keep alive.

Thank you,