Grandstream keeps rebooting with endpointmanager

Dear FreePBX,
We have 120pcs of grandstream gxp2120 and gxp1450 phones, which we wanted to provision through Freepbx Endpoint Manager v3.
First I upgraded to latest firmware 1.03.30. (v1.01.110 = same problem)
After that I created a script for configuration, with A base of the provision script from your website. Now all the phones keep rebooting until I delete the cfg-mac script from the tftp server.
Done many google research and found a lot stuff, but nothing what can help us. What could be the reason for the phone to reboot every 2~3 minutes??
Is this a know problem.
Maybe with A know solution.
Can it be someting with the network, because the phone also do not listen to a reboot command fron Endpointmanager. (blocked port or something?)

Many thanx in advance! Any help or idea would help. Searche and tried for many hours now.

Now I tried so much thing I contacted Granstream to look with me.
After one day looking and trying, the also can not find it (yet)
I think it has someting to do with the VLAN.

I will keep you informed about the solution.

Freepbx Endpoint Manager v3 does not exist. Please specify the correct version of endpoint manager

A couple of thoughts:

I seem to recall having something similar things happening when the phone was getting 2 different config files which had different server/config file locations. They basically created a loop and the phone would reboot each time it got pointed to a new config file. Also, are you using DHCP? If so, is your DHCP server sending the phone a config file server location which is different from your endpoint manager config file location?

After 2 day’s puzzeling in combination with Grandstream.
Grandstream Firmware 1.01.110 (no problems)
Grandstream Firmware 1.03.30 (reboots continuously)
Grandstream Firmware 1.04.45 beta (no problems)

This counts for the endpoint manager/FreePBX 2.9 and 2.10

DHCP and VLAN aresimulated and had nothing to do with it.

Thanx for the reactions!
Gr Bas

I had the same rebooting problem with the gxp2124 (FW: and found that I had a different FW Server in End Point Template Manager and my configuration in EPM Product Options/Configuration Editor.

Also, I found there was a problem with using the Dial Plan in Template Mgr. (it would remove the “+” from the dial plan). Found that I needed to include the quotes in the EPTM. “{ x+ | *x+ | xxx+ }” like in the example.

I have the same issue - with GXP-1450, 2100 and 2120.
Problem only occurs with firmare
I have held off upgrading from on my other phones for time being.

I have triple checked for conflicting config server declarations etc, to no avail. It is definitely the firmware.

I can’t see the 1.04.45 beta on the Grandstream site for dowload - Bas - can you post a link?

I have a new symptom. When using the firmare I did not have any issues with my dialplan coming through, including the ‘+’. However, when I left the firmware at I then got the problem that philipgerv mentions in his post- the + was stripped from the dialplan wherever it appears.

I first tried putting quotes around the dialplan in using the freepbx configuration manager “edit device” then in the “General” section for the device. When I rebooted with this setting, the dial plan came through as blank.
Nothing. nada.

So, then I went the whole hog, and edited the underlying template (scary warnings and all!) and just inserted the dial plan directly into the template.

No luck, when the device rebooted, the dial plan came through missing the + symbol wherever it appeared.

So, then, tried again, this time in the template but using quotes around the dial plan.

This worked. The + symbols were retained, and the dial plan now works on the phone. HOWEVER, at this point, the test phone (GXP-2120) started the continual reboot cycle that initiated this discussion. And this phone is still running

So, I am now thinking that the problem is in the config generated by the freepbx provisioner - but that what is wrong in there is either intermittent - ie the fault is only sometimes generated, OR that what upsets is different to what upsets My guess is option 2.

I am now hoping that the new firmware version fixes both problems for me, as , apparently, it hss for Bas. Thanks for posting the link Bas. I will report results after further testing with new firmware.

Ok, the new firmware helped. Using, the 2100 is now happy to be provisioned using the FreePBX provisioner, and does not go into endless reboot cycle. Also, the new firmware allows the provisioner to set the dialplan for the phones, without stripping the ‘+’ symbol. Both of these are good.

Unfortunately, the GXP1450 phones and the GXP2120 phones still go into continual reboot cycle when provisioned using the new firmaware.

My present workaround has been to let them reboot a couple of times, then delete the config file for the phone from the /tftpboot directory.

This works to apply the settings, but is a hassle.

Is this issue confined to the tftp provisioning I wonder? Anyone have this issue with HTTP config option?

I had the same issue and the answer for me was disabling an option in the config that was specified only as “auto reboot after abnormal”. Setting that option to 0 (zero) stopped my GXP2124’s from rebooting. If you’re using Endpoint Manager you’ll need to edit the “cfg$mac” file it uses for those particular phones.