Grandstream IP Phone - Voicemail LED MWI issue

I have Grandstream IP Phones and recently setup voicemail for users on FreePBX
Voice mail LED works perfectly when i have only primary SIP server, but when I add secondary SIP server which has similar configuration MWI LED stop after few sec when there is new message.
I checked and it seems Phone found voicemail on primary server mailbox but since message are not replicated on secondary server and when phone check message on secondary server it stop MWI lED and after few hours it MWI LED again starting blink for few second then stop.

Is there any way i can set my phone to check voicemail on only primary server? or any other workaround/fix for this issue.

I’m not sure I understand the problem. You describe exactly what I would expect to happen when you have one phone checking two mailboxes.

If you control the hint, you and write a “hint1&hint2” to watch both mailboxes, but it will only be off when both are empty and be on if either of them has mail. As it is, the system is subscribing to one, and then the other, and the other is overriding your first subscription.

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Thanks cynjut,
yes exactly, but can you guide how to write hint1 & hint2?

Remote BLF Hints is a good start for your quest.

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