Grandstream GXW-4108 sip registration

In fact, cant register sip trunk from this device. On status page of grandstream, it says that Phone number 1 registered, on status page of freepbx ip trunk is online, but cl sip show registry shows no registrations. Using BETA-3.211.63-5, syslog from grandstream indicates that registration was rejected, dump that i got from freepbx via tcpdump + wireshark, indicates 401 bad auth. All password, trunk names, usernames, … were checked hundred times.
BTW, sip show peers shows that trunk.

Used it, but it didnt help. In fact, i have a feeling, that something is wrong with local network. Strange thing, that 4108 is registered, according to the status page, but freepbx says “no”. Moreover, when i am tryiang to make a call, i get "dialing " on gs’ status page, but call doesnt proceed. It works fine with 3cx and trixbox, but i prefer freepbx.

Please see the following guide that has been approved by Grandstream Support members:

Hope this helps.