Grandstream GXV3000 voice mail password issue

A Grandstream GXV3000 gets incorrect password for voice mail. The password is correct in FreePBX.
The phone is using the correct protocol.


why do you say it is a password issue? Is the possibility not there that dtmf is not behaving as expected? Try dailing *98 and see if comedian mail accepts the extension, if not maybe check ou the dtmf settings on the GS, FPBX and the handset.

hope this is a start for you

Totally ruled out dtmf. *98 same results when entered from phone. I’ll keep shooting issue. I’ll let you know.

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Can you login on yourpbxip/recordings using the credentials?

Yes, that is the only way he can get his voice mail. And he’s fine with that until I get this resolved.

Sounds like the password is fine yes…
Please ellaborate on your setup… I assume you are using analog telephones? What is the purpose of your Grandstream device?

The user had an ip phone. Freepbx is typical. I am hosting in a Data center in Phoenix az. It has something to do with the dtmf. Will let you know what I find.

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Paul Morgan 6938-5195

The diagram below explains what I’m doing and how the system here in our Panama community works.

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If the problem is with dtmf you should be able to see that it passes or does not pass the dtmf tones with rtp debug set to on. So if you press a number ie “4” you should see the number appear in your log as sent and got. Perhaps try it from both ways to confirm that is both ways. Is the extension’s NAT enabled? If it is a remote extension you would NAT enabled on the extension itself as well.

Thank you, I will do that! Thanks for your assistance.