Grandstream GXV 3240 Video Telephony

Hi Guys

i´ve got some problems with my gxv3240.
I use Freepbx 2.11.
If i call from a softphone or some other video phone to my gxv3240 everything works fine, everyone can see everyone.
Only if i call from the gxv to a softphone or any other video phone, nobody can see anything.
In the asterisk console i can´t see any errors or something like that.

Could someone tell me what i could check to see the failure?

Thanks for your help.

kind regards

To make a video call, dial the number then tap the green icon with the handset/video camera. Otherwise you will be making an audio call and will then need to turn on the video by taping the options button then selecting video.

Thank you for your answer, but that´s how i did all of my calls.