Grandstream GXP2160 Edit Line Buttons

I am new to freepbx and the endpoint manager and am setting up my first set of phones. I am trying to set up the line buttons on the phone to do things like page and park. I am able to assign the functions to the buttons and they work but they do not display text. I have also tried editing the base file as well but still can not get the phone to display text with the buttons.

That is correct. Grandstream phones do not let you control any text on the line keys when set to be other then a line key. Very frustrating.

Thank you very much for the info. I may have to look at some different phones if that is the case.

I highly suggest the Aastra and Digium phones. They are our favorites at FreePBX

Yealink are awesome too and the support in the Commercial Endpoint Manager and the Commercial Phone App is spot-on - T-42’s for Desk Phones and the T-48’s for the bigshots/bill payers.


Not really spot on and lots of issues. Support in Rest Apps on their phones may be coming to a end due to constant issues that they are not resolving for us.

Bummer - I guess I am not pushing them that hard. Anybody at Yealink we could send a note to encouraging them to work with you?


We have spent 9 months trying to work with them and they just do not get it and cant resolve the issues and ignore us. Their are other issues I am not going to get involved in public bashing but lets just say the whole China ripping off is so true and we have seen it first hand.

That really is a drag - the 42G is about the perfect Price/Performance standard desk phone and the 48G really makes the bigshots happy and we get them from 888VoIP for less than $200 - I have been looking at Aastra since your post, and the low end units are close to the 42, but the equivalent of the the 48 is more than double the cost.

Sigh. Who do you think has the best prices right now? 888VoIP only sells refurbed Aastra and only a couple of models at that. I have tried again with the Digium, but unless I am missing something with the Endpoint Manager, they are so feature sparse compared to the Yealink that they are not even a consideration - I still have the 15 that I got for signing on as a partner, but I don’t want to sell them they are so poor.


Ugh, so the 2160 will come up short?. I’m about to deploy a server at a client that’s moving off hosted to local and they have 50 2140s and 2160s. What to do? On that note, I can’t seem to find anything referring to those models in the endpoint manager. Can anyone give me some advice here? I’d really hate to disappoint this new client.

Oh wait a second. We need to buy a commercial module to directly support these phones? Which module is it?

I just went live with a freepbx system with grandstream GXP 2160 phones. You will need the Endpoint Manager module. Its $75 I believe. If you have any specific questions please feel free to PM me and ill help you out as much as I can.

Not sure what you mean, when I set Line key 6 to be a park key the button displays “CallPark” and it work fine, I don’t use EPM I set it through the phones gui.