Grandstream GXP2160 Do Not Disturb

I am setting up some Grandstream GXP2160 phones and am trying to figure out away to create a endpoint manager template that will allow some one to turn on DND and have it indicated on the phone with out creating every one there own template in endpoint manager.

On my extension 100 i currently have a BLF set to *76100 so this will toggle DND and have the status displayed on the button. I’m trying to figure out a way to do this with out having to add the extension to the DND toggle but still have something on the phone indicate that it is set to dnd. I am trying to avoid the headache that is setting up a template for every person in the company and having to make a minor change to the configs to every single extension in the future.

Hi Ron,

I believe that it would be more convenient to turn on DND from the mute button, instead of configuring a template that activates it.
Pressing the mute button (while on-hook) is the equivalent of sending *76100. If the phone is sending a different feature code other than *76 when MUTE is pressed, kindly disable call features from Account > call settings > enable call features NO
Once DND enabled it displays a circle with a bar at the top of the LCD display. If you would like to have a wider sign for DND, we have a special firmware that does that and we urge you to open a ticket with us if you would like to try it.
To open a ticket, kindly visit

Grandstream Support

Thank you for the sugestion but when you enable DND on the phone itself it does not communicate that its on DND with the system. We use DND a lot with our sales people and our operators look for their status to decide what to do with the calls.

Hi Ron!

Did you find any solution? I am working in this problem. This feature is very used in my work, and it needs to be visible in the Freepbx side.

I am using Grandstream GXP1625 with (the same version that EPM shows like the latest (but in the Grandstream there are some versions newest).
I tried to send via provisioning the *78 / *79 commands, but it is weird. The GXP1625 shows in the telephone display DND activated… I saw the in the Freepbx logs that the phone tried to call *78 but DND still off in the freepbx side.
The command is okay, because if I dial mannualy this command… it is working.

The Grandstream is with Local Call Features DISABLED.




Grandstream doesnt understand this variable.

It is worst. I am talking with the support Grandstream… and they are telling that the Provisioning should be in XML format. EPM uses legacy format (maccfg), right?

Going back to DND question… I tried to fix *78 and *79 in the admin interface of the Grandstream… but it doesnt work… The GXP1625 shows DND activated symbol in the display… but I cannot see it in Freepbx.

Any tip?


I did end up finding a way to do what i needed to do and am using a single profile to run my phones. As far as DND I never used the *78 *79 I used the toggle code of *76. i was also able to create a variable to allow me to use only 1 profile. *76__line1Ext__ this will toggle DND on the first extension that is assigned to the phone. Not exactly sure if this will work fro your 1625s but it works for my 2160s. This also allows our receptionists see who’s available in FOP2.

Hope this helps.

Sorry Ron… I didnt get it. Did you change the DND ON (P2544 e P2545 fields) to *76, or aren´t you using the function DND of the GXP?

*76 is a DND Toggle function that doesn´t wait the extension. Did you create a custom command in Freepbx to disable remotly this DND? Could you share the code? :slight_smile:


Sorry, I may not be of any help. The 2160s are very different phones.I am not using the DND built into the phone im useing the star code to trigger it in freepbx so it reports to FOP2 I am using the BFL keys that are on my phones to do my custom commands. The 1625 does not have these buttons.