Grandstream GXP2130 no longer has dialtone

I’ve got 3 different Grandstream GXP 2130 handsets that are managed by Endpoint Manager, and they have been working great for the past 6 to 8 months without issue.

We did a dist upgrade (we use FreePBX Distro) a few weeks ago, and they still worked great (even after rebuilding configs). Now, my phone registers with the server, but can’t send or receive calls. In fact, if I take the phone off hook, it no longer changes to a “dial mode”, instead the screen stays the same. Speakerphone doesn’t work either.

In the past, I would typically get some kind of notification that something had changed…

I’ve rebuilt configs, done factory resets, and even used a backup config from last week.

I’m not quite sure how to troubleshoot this, as the only thing I see in my log files is that all calls go straight to voicemail because “Subscriber Absent”. Once I miss a call, the missed calls indicator lights up immediately.

Any tips on how to troubleshoot/trace down where the issue is? I’m not opposed to paying for support, but I’d really like to have my ducks in a row so I can provide them with everything they need.


I’ve rolled back to a backup from the 25th, but it hasn’t helped.

In the Chan_Sip info screen, my phone is connecting on randomly generated port numbers… even though it is on the same network as the server.

This confuses me, as I figured it should stick with 5060.

After quite a bit of troubleshooting, I just removed the config from EPM, factory reset the phone, and filled out the 7 basic fields under the account settings of the web interface of my phone, and it connected and responded immediately.

I cannot help but believe this is an issue with my EPM config files as all of our Grandstream GXP2130’s failed at the same time.

I generated a new config for my older GXP1200 which I applied to a spare phone and it works fine.

Now to manually configure our other staff phones and discontinue the use of EPM until I figure out what went wrong. It is possible I misconfigured something, but since I haven’t changed the configuration in EPM for months, I think it is likely just a specific issue with my model phone and this version of EPM.

This is normal. From a networking perspective there are two ports for every connection. Destination and Source. Source ports are usually randomized while destination would be 5060. This often trips up people unfamiliar with networking concepts believing that the source port should be “5060” when it makes no difference what the source port is.

As for EPM you can open a ticket up either through our support system for free (as it seems like a commercial module bug) OR through

Make sure you are running the latest firmware.I just had to update 5 2130’s because of tanking while transferring, and frozen display on one unless you cold boot it weekly. The 2130 firmware they rolled out with is buggier than a frog turd… (no offense Tango :smiley: