Grandstream GXP1628 not supported in endpoint manager

The Grandstream GPX1628 is not supported in the endpoint manager. The GXP1625 is supported although with this phone I did not see how to program the three bottom buttons. The GXP1628 has an addition 8 BLF buttons over the gxp1625.

How does one get a phone supported or can I somehow add more buttons in a custom way? OR create my own template?


I was not aware they had come out with another phone. We have emailed our contact and waiting to get samples into the lab so it can be added.

This model has been added since

Hey guys - can you add the GXP1630 as well ?

Thank you !

Open a request at

On my bench. Should be added soon.


Is it possible to add gxp 2135 as well?

and gxp- 2170 as well .