Grandstream GXP 2170 BLF Issues

I may be reaching out in the wrong place but I figured I’d start here and see if any of the community has any experience with this issue.

I have a client that uses Grandstream GXP 2170 VoIP phones. The phones are currently on firmware version The PBX version we are using is The issue they are having is that randomly throughout the day, their BLF keys show inaccurate behavior. For example, the BLF keys blink red even though the device tied to that BLF is not actually receiving a call at the moment. What also happens is their BLF keys will show solid red even though the device tied to the BLF is not actually on a call. Anyone got any insight on this?

Just so you are all aware, this issue was happening when we first installed them a while back. When they first reported the issue to me I noticed there firmware wasn’t even at I did a factory reset on the devices and then updated them to The issue went away for approx. 1 day and then returned.

I have 2170’s and I think I needed to set this pcode to make it work right. this pcode is per account, so if you use multiple accounts, remember to set the other pcodes.

Acct 1 SUBSCRIBE for MWI. 0 - No, 1 - Yes

P99 = 0

Each phone is only using Account # 1, no other active/registered accounts. Also, if this matters at all, we did not use endpoint manager to set these phones up. The phones were shipped to our office and we set them up manually before they get to the client.

Maybe it is related to this issue

It could be, but I think that impacts only the newer firmware. Whereas grandstream has seemed to have problems with BLF in their past firmware too.

According to one of those posts, and a bit from my experience, the newest non-beta firmware seems relatively solid. Except that maybe then you are introducing the RFC Standards issue mentioned in the post linked to by @arielgrin.

One of our partners had the issue with the 2170 BLF lights on newer firmware. At this point you have to stay on older firmware or never reboot asterisk, restarting asterisk is what causes the disconnect.

Matt, did you try setting p99, i think that may help

Hi tonyg,

Where would I manage the p99 setting?

you have to edit the base file for that template. you will find p99 there.

Hi Tony,

I am only familiar with editing a base file for a template when using end point manager. However, we did not provision these phones remotely. The phones were shipped to my office brand new and I hooked them up to our network and logged into the phones via their IP address and set them up that way. Is there a way to manage the p99 setting either way?

yes, you can login to the phone via web admin page. and find the setting there.

Thank you for the info Tony! Not sure if this helps at all either but I did forget to mention that the extensions experiencing this issue are PJ Sip, not Chan Sip.

Hi tonyg,

Do you have any idea where the p99 setting is once you are logged into the admin page? I have searched all over and have not been able to find it.

It’s under Accounts → Account 1 → Sip Settings → Basic Settings → 21 options down. At least on firmware

How does MWI subscriptions deal with BLF? They are two completely different things. Not only that their event types are different.

So how does this impact BLFs?

Question: So you have 102, 202, 302, 402 as BLFs. 102 exhibits this behavior, showing the BLF as Busy when the phone is idle. At that time, is 202, 302 or 402 actually Busy? Did they make/receive a call while 102 went nuts?

Follow up: Is this random? Or is the first “available” BLF always the one to show this behavior? So if 102 is the first one, is 102 always the one having this issue or does 202, 302, 402 randomly have this behavior as well?

I agree with you on this one, I don’t see how MWI is relevent to BLF behavior.

The behavior is random. I have not been able to see an exact pattern. Sometimes it happens while all of the phones are idle and haven’t been used/receiving calls for a bit. It is not ever the same BLF key either, it changes.

Well my follow ups are still valid.

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