Grandstream GXP 2160 Firmware Unregisters and reregisters every 3 Minuets

I updated a majority of my Grandstream 2160 phones to the latest firmware and now all the ones running the new firmware reregister every 3 mins. Freepbx is at 6.12.65-32. This is causing most of my users to lose dial tone randomly. All phones are on the internal network. Any help or ideas is appreciated.

roll back to the previous level that did work and next time do some testing before upgrading everything

I’ve got the same issue with all my GXP2140s and GXP2160s. I tried to roll back the firmware but for some reason the phones wouldn’t take the firmware so I’m still stuck on Setup a TFTP server and everything.

Were you able to find any resolution? or are we stuck until they release a fix…