Grandstream GXP 2140 and GXP2200-EXT

I am having an issue setting up a Grandstream GXP2140 with the GXP2200-EXT sidecar. I have the config set for both in Endpoint Manager and when I push the config, the BLF lines I had programmed are not there. If I do it from the web page of the phone, they show up just fine. I don’t know what information you need but the phone firmware is

The other thing that is happening is when I reboot the phone, it won’t register until I remove the sidecar and then reboot it, wait for it to come up, and then I can plug the sidecar and everything works fine. Just another weird oddity.


EPM-Supported Devices - PBX GUI - Documentation (

Sounds like the 2140 is certified, but not the 2200?

You might need to reach out to the vendor to resolve with Sangoma.

Certification of Manufactures

Certified Meaning Support in EPM
Yes * Certified Manufactures have joined the FreePBX Eco System Partner program and pay a yearly fee to have FreePBX Certify their devices and provide direct support to Customers on FreePBX systems.
  • The Manufacture has access to the FreePBX Dev team for any issues that may arise using their devices with FreePBX. Whenever possible you should only user Certified Manufactures with your FreePBX System.|* New features inside EPM will only be generally added to Certified Manufactures phones.
  • Support and features for these Manufactures inside EPM will be greater than non Certified Manufactures.
  • Test Ability to Transfer calls and put them on Hold and Conference
  • BLF button support if supported by Manufacture with Asterisk.
  • Support included from the Sangoma Support team as long as EPM is covered under an X6Uactive maintenance renewal. Support is limited to basic assistance on answering question but not in the actual setup or configuration of your devices.|

| — | — | — |
|No|* Non-certified Manufactures have decided either not to Join the FreePBX Eco System Partner Program or have not renewed their Certification with us for their devices.

  • We are not able to provide support on their devices and the devices will receive only basic support in EPM for features and no guarantee on the usability of the devices with EPM. Use of Non Certified Devices are at your own risk.|* Basic Provisioning Support only to get the phone to register with the PBX and make and receive calls.

  • If a bug is found with the ability to use the device while using EPM to configure the device we will put the bug report into triage and if its trivial fix it will be queued up into a future sprint to get resolved. The decision on what bugs get fixed or are closed as will not be fixed is up to the sole discretion of Sangoma.

  • No features generally added to EPM for these devices.

  • No support from the Sangoma Support team for these devices. You are on your own.|

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