Grandstream gxp 1610 cant access to ip of the phone

hi people

Recently i detected a problem with access in my lan to some gxp 1610 devices , im on the same vlan , and my pc has the same dns and the same gateway that the phones i mencioned have, i can access to gxp 280 grandstream with same vlan and same gateway , they are older models form grandstream brand but i can access to them trough their ip address , and i can access through ssh conected to my server where i can build a tunnel and log in to the phones , how can i do to access from the local network to their ip , this only happens with newer models of grandstream like gxp 1610 and gxp1620 , with older phones i can acces both local and remote …

hi, i am not sure I understand your problem exactly, but I think what you are saying is: you have a pc on the same vlan as the phones and you are able to http to some phones but not others? if that is the case, you need to start at the beginning and ask yourself some questions;

  1. did you upgrade firmware?
  2. can you ping them?
  3. did you change config?
  4. are they registering with freepbx?
  5. can freepbx ping them?
  6. have you checked on the phone to make sure it is getting the ip you think it is?

i am sure someone will have more questions, i think these are a start

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hi tony
1 i havent upgraded firmware , i have the default that came with the new phones.
2.I can ping the ip address of the older models , like gxp 280 but newer like 1610 dont respond ping , not any answer , but i made an ip scan and i can see them
3. I have the same config for all the phones , same sip port , same server for registration and gateway even the same dns i even updated the date and time config.
4. yes , they register to the server where i have installed free pbx
5. yup i can ping them from the server
6. I am sure of every phone has the ip i want to configure.

the problem is i want to access local , just in case i have no access from server, because i can see all of the registered phones from ssh remote connection, i can see older phones but the new ones i can even see them internally when i connect directly to the pc port.