Grandstream GDS3712 Setup and Sangoma Talk Integration

Anyone using the Grandstream GDS3712 with FreePBX?? If so, does video calls work with Sangoma Talk.

Here’s what Im looking for… GDS3712 mounted at gate or door… Guest presses the Call button and Sangoma Talk opens on my cell phone as an incoming call from Gate or Door Extension. Answer it and have 2 way communication as well as the live video stream with the ability to press say 9 to open the door or gate thats connected via the NO/NC contacts on the GDS712…

Im pretty sure all of this works minus the video part. That Im not sure about and is the main part of my question. I need a gate/door IP video solution to replace a product Ive been using for many years that doesnt have a mobile app solution. It only calls an indoor station/screen…

I guess another part of this question Im not sure the answer to, is will video calls from the GDS3712 work on say a P370??? Or will this only work with a Grandstream phone specifically like a GXV3480??

I would like to setup the GDS3712 to call a ring group (P370 extension and Sangoma Talk Ext) and either can answer that call and see the video stream and talk to the guest and then press 9 to allow access…

Nobody using video door stations with FreePBX? Even if not a GDS3712 specifically??

Anyone successfully getting a video call to work on Sangoma Talk and/or P370???

We never went down that rabbit hole yet, because it feels like it’ll be a whole 'nother thing to learn how to make work and figure out what works and what doesn’t.

We got extension to extension Sangoma Talk to Sangoma Talk video calls working… But I havent played with Door Stations… I have the Grandstream GDS3712 IP Video Door Station as well as the Grandstream GVX3470 IP Video Phone on the way from my distributor to test here at the shop. If I can get that working from Door Station to phone fairly easily then Ill dig deeper in trying to get it to work with Sangoma Talk and maybe the P370

@lgaetz any input or idea if this door station will allow video calls with Sangoma Talk and/or P370??

Not a P370, as it’s not video capable.

Didnt think so but wanted to confirm. Sangoma Talk should work though right?

I don’t know Sangoma Talk details so can’t comment on that aspect.

no worries, thx

My distro got my hardware out quick! Fedex delivered the GVX3470 IP Video phone and the GDS3712 IP Video door station today.

Stupid easy to configure. Setup 2 new PJSIP extensions in FreePBX… Plugged both devices into our POE switch and logged into each of their web admin GUI and input our VOIP vlan ID… GVX3470 instantly pulled IP on our VOIP VLAN… The Door Station needed a reboot but instantly came back online after reboot with the correct VOIP VLAN IP…

Logged back into both devices and added the SIP server and extension ID and password. Both registered instantly…

In the GDS3712, then went to “Door System Settings>Basic Settings” and simply put the GVX3470 extension into the “Number Called when doorbell pressed” field and hit save. Pressed the call button on the door station and the video phone call came right through… Answered it and 2 way audio and door station video was playing perfectly.

This was SUPER simple and easy to setup. I REALLY like the Grandstream phone. Its fast, snappy and quality. Same with the GDS3712 door station. Its built like a tank! Not some plastic piece of crap. Lots of seals and well thought out wiring and bracket mounting.

Next up, see if I can get video calling to work with Sangoma Talk. Stay tuned…


Welp, that was painless and easy. I simply changed the extension from the grandstream phone to my Sangoma Talk extension and hit save.

Pressed the video door station call button and call came right through on Sangoma Talk on my cell. It had two buttons within Sangoma Talk “Answer Video Call” and “Answer Audio Call”. I simply clicked on the Answer Video Call and I had live video and 2 way audio with the Grandstream door station.

Calling the door station from any extension, even if they arent video capable works as well. If I call the extension of the door station, the door station auto answers and you have instant 2 way audio with the door station which is really nice!

This was WAYYY easier than I expected to setup and configure. Took longer to get everything out of the box and plugged in and booted up then it did to configure.

Ill be buying a bunch more of these for sure and incorporating into our portfolio!


Huh, thanks for providing the follow up. That’s great to hear.

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For anyone that cares, I went a step further in my testing and grabbed a Grandstream GSC3570 Intercom and Facility Control Station to test with this setup. Nice 7" HD screen.

I got it configured and tested today. Man this thing is really sweet. Well built and robust, lots of inputs for Access Control, POE powered and 2 port built in switch.

The screen looks great and is very snappy and responsive. Was stupid easy to setup… input my VOIP VLAN ID in then rebooted added another PJSIP ext in FreePBX, added that info to Account 1 in the 3570 and it was online and making and receiving calls. Added the 3712 door station info in Door Station in thr 3570 and that was up and running.

I also setup 6 of our TuringAI 8MP CCTV cameras in the Monitor>IP Camera section of the 3570 using RTSP. Can see all 6 cameras on the screen and image is excellent.

Havent hooked any physical doors to the system yet to test but will get that hooked up and tested this week.

Final thought, this Grandstream lineup will be our go to for video door stations/intercom at any of our clients that have our FreePBX deployments!

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Alright, so I have run into one minor issue Im trying to resolve. I believe its a setting that needs to be turned on or configured in FreePBX. I want early video preview on my GXV3470 video phone when it receives a call from the door station GDS3712…

Right now, I only get live video and 2 way audio when I answer the call and that works great. I want to see video on the phone when the call is coming in without having to answer it so I can decide if I want to answer it or not… That works great when the 3712 door station calls the 3570 Indoor Station but not this 3470 phone.

From my research, early video media through the 183 response needs to be enabled/configured.

Anyone know how to turn that on or where it is in FreePBX???

Welp, scratch that. It was a setting in the GXV3470 IP Video Phone Call Settings called Auto Preview. Turned it on with Ringing feature so the phone still rings on an incoming door station call but you can see video without answering. Working perfect.

I now have both the 3470 desk phone and the 3570 indoor station both ringing when someone presses the call button at the door and both show preview video before answering. Either one can answer the call, have video and 2 way audio and unlock the door.


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