Grandstream firmware vesrions

We had an issue today which caused me to check firmware versions.

I see the the Endpoint Commercial Module we have v1.17 available for our Grandstream phones. But I’m unsure how that translates to the Grandstream version numbering scheme.

According to this page v1.17 does not exist in the Endpoint module

Can someone respond telling me which Grandstream firmware corresponds to the Endpoint Managers v1.17 ???

I ask because it seems as though our phones have taken it upon themselves to upgrade their firmware to v1.0.9.25 (Grandstream’s number) without our knowledge. The phones are programmed to check our FreePBX server for their version and we have them set for v1.16 (Endpoint Manager number) which correlates to in Grandstream’s terminology.

Thanks in advance,

As far as I know Endpoint Manager comes with no firmware for Grandstream phones. You will need to add fw files manually to appropriate location (/tftpboot/ or some of its subfolder which you will configure in the Endpoint manager ie. configuration files, parameter “Firmware Server Path”).


I’ve rushed and answer your question without checking the link you provided :frowning: but that’s the way we manage fw updated ie. never rely on Endpoint Manager for fw update. If we need to update phone fw, we upload to TFTP server and the phones get updated.

The 1.xx version number you see for firmware is a package number that FreePBX uses internally. If you drag it into a free slot, you will see the individual fw versions for each model. The wiki page is stale, the 1.17 fw version has been published.

This is not correct, the paid version of EPM does allow you to manage firmware:

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