GrandStream DP750 Provisioning with EndPoint Manager


I’m using

  • FreePBX 16.0.39
  • EndPoint Manager to provision my phones (a mix Digium, Yeaklink and GrandStream)
  • pfSense 22.05 as a firewall.

I just purchased a GrandSttream DP750 and would like to provision it.

I’ve been looking around but I can’t find help.

Right now what I’ve done is:

  • Log in as admin
  • Go to Profiles
  • Profile 1
  • Profile Active = YES
  • SIP Server = IP of my FreePBX server

On FreePBX EPM side:

  • I have created a new image for the GrandStream DP750
  • Destination Address is external (my IP)
  • Provision Server Protocol is HTTP
  • Provision Server Address is external (my IP)
  • In the Extension Mapping UI, I added the MAC address of the DP750 with one extension.

Finally, my firewall forwards port 84 (HTTP Provisioning Port) to FreePBX.

I didn’t change anything in the extension, is there something I should change there?

If not, what am I missing ?

When in the logs can I see if something is wrong?

Thank you!

The provisioning ports by default are restricted to Local networks that are defined as such in the PBXs firewall.

If this is an external phone you may have to provide the firewalls with the correct external IPs that the phone would be connecting from to provision.

I have disabled the FreePBX firewall for my tests so I don’t believe this could be the issue.

I’m wondering if I could have guidance to what I should enter in the GrandStream DP750 for it to work with EPM.

I’m also wondering if I need to do something about the extension itself.

I am not familiar with GrandStream phones at all so I wouldn’t be able to provide you with any guidance but you’ll need to figure out by reading their documentation what they require to be setup for them to automatically know how to pull configuration information from a designated provisioning server.

All SIP phones worth something have a method for automatic provisioning, you just need to find the documentation for your particular hardware and follow it.

In it’s most general form, you configure the phone to provision using a url like this:


The username and password are as specified in System Admin pro, which if not used are omitted along with the @ character. With port 84, it distills down to


Don’t expose your provisioning services to untrusted traffic.

Hello @lgaetz

Would you happen to know where to put the provision URL in the GrandStream admin UI?

I can’t as I’m not familiar with that device, but I presume it’s like pretty much like any other IP phone, there is an option somewhere for specifying a URL to provision or download config.

This is the only place I see but when I input the FreePBX EPM address, it doesn’t work.

These are SIP server settings only and not provisioning settings. You’ll probably have to do some Googling on how and where to set provisioning settings for your flavor of phone hardware.

Found it!

It’s under
Maintenance > Provisioning

Now everything works!

Thank you!

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