Grandstream custom (not the default) ring tones using FPBX EPM

We provision our phones using the licensed Endpoint Manager using TFTP for firmware updates.
I have never met anyone (including customers) that enjoy the default ring tones provided by Grandstream.
Is there a place on FPBX to load the custom Ring1, Ring2, Ring3 .wav files we have created for our customers on Grandstream phones that can be picked up during firmware updates?

currently asterisk 13.14
pbx firmware 10.13.66-19 (OEM)
grandstream (GXP2135, GXP2140, GXP2160, GXP2170)


hi, I might be wrong (very possible) but I have never seen a place in the gui to upload rings. I know that you can put the files named ring1.bin, ring2.bin and ring3.bin in /grandstream/1/ (for firmware slot 1) and the phones will pick them up.

btw, where did you get the rings? My users hate the built in rings as well, is it something you can share?


No EPM does not support this except with Sangoma Phones.

@sippy @tonyg if it is possible to share the ring tones my clients have been complaining for sometime as well

@tonyg if you elaborate more regarding placing ring files in the firmware folder I would appreciate any additional info you can provide.

Although the general interface in EPM does not support this directly always keep in mind you can easily customize anything you would like by modifying your baseline files :wink:.

grandstream looks in the firmware directory for the 3 ring tones. so, that would be /tftpdownload/grandstream/1/ (for firmware slot 1). you can put the new ringtones there named ring1.bin, ring2.bin and ring3.bin and they will get downloaded on next boot.

Have you tested this? My tech says he tried it and the phone hosed up on him.

I will share the ring tones I use. They are somewhat modified from their original source (on the Internet somewhere in Great Britain) using Audacity and then converted to .bin format using the Grandstream utility.

or https www dropbox dot com /sh/epn3wfdmvk8y0tx/AAAYakran5Lp0hMjo48sscEba?dl=0

If we did this is there anyway to get the phone back to the ringtones it had … just incase the customer wants it back? You know how finikey customers can be.

Maybe factory reset without the ring.bin files in the firmware folder??

Assuming you have the phones set to check for updates, just remove the .ring .bin files from the PBX and the next time the phones check for updates they will revert back to default rings.

FYI, the factory default rings come with the firmware, so there are already ring1/2/3.bin files in the grandstream/1 folder. make backups of those and replace with whatever you like. i just used the 3 posted by sippy and they worked fine.

Do you like the ring tones, or do you want something different?

I can’t try them until this Friday evening after 7pm cst however if you have more please make them available, the more that we gave in our arsenal the better.

sippy, thanks for your efforts, unfortunately, my users preferred the defaults more…personally, i hate the defaults…but oh well.

if you have any more to try, or if you know a place i can get some, please let me know.

thanks again for your efforts.

New ring tones added by request:

Good Morning Folks,

I was wondering about this, too. For the grandstream 2170, I can’t seem to find where the ring1, etc is on the gui for the PBX. I have some ringtone files I would like to try to replace the standard with and can’t find the firmware folder.

Thank you!