Grandstream 2170 FW not working with current EPM

I just purchased EPM to work with Grandstream’s 2170 phones.
It seems to work fine with Firmware but not
The later firmware will allow the phone to register with the PBX but will not answer or make calls.
It even kills the dial tone.

Does anyone have a solution to this problem or did I just waste my money in purchasing the EPM??

I have a Grandstream GXP2170 running Grandstream Firmware v1.0.9.25 and managed through EPM, and it is working as expected. Is the system working okay with other phones?

I do note that I had an issue with Grandstream GXP2160 phones a while back that sounds similar to what you are experiencing. The phone would register and the interface would be working fine, but when trying to place or answer a call, there would be no audio or even dialtone. In working with Grandstream support, we determined it was a bug in the firmware for the phone that caused the phone service to crash with certain configuration files. They resolved the issue in a later firmware, and I haven’t experienced problem since upgrading.

You might log into the web interface for the GXP2170 and check under Status > System Info. In my case, the Phone Service was no longer running, and there was a Core Dump available for the crash. It is worth noting that the Phone Service would be running upon first booting the phone, and would consistently crash immediately upon trying take the phone “off-hook.”

Use with a newer version of 1.0.9.x series firmware. We have gxp2160 on firmware without issues using EPM.

Thanks guys for your comments.

Frank, I did try the but had the same problem.

Tim, I will look into that next time I’m onsite.

No audio sounds like a firewall or possibly a codec issue. There are no problems with the grandstream firmware and new versions of epm

I just experienced the same issue. Grandstream 2170 managed by Endpoint Manager. works fine, but doesn’t. Calls to the phone go straight to voicemail, and no dial tone or ability to call out from the phone. When I log into the web interface for the phone, it shows the phone is registered and everything looks fine. The Asterisk Info --> Peers report shows the phones are registered, Available and Not in Use. Taking the phones back to brought them back into full service.

Unfortunately, only the executives at my company have these phones, everyone else has 1625s, and I don’t have any spares. I can probably swap out one of the exec’s phones for a time to help troubleshoot if anyone can give guidance of what to look for.


I recently did a manual update as well in order to test the Grandstream doorphone and I experienced the same issue. I ended up downgrading to keep things running.

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