Gradwell Inbound SIP

I have managed to set up outbound calling with a Gradwell account in the UK, however, I cannot get incoming working.

Has anyone been through this stress and can shed some light on how to make it work?

From my experience, gradwell sip requires Allow Anonymous Inbound SIP Calls to be switched on, I therefore asked them to change it to iax2.

Thanks for responding.

I am set to this unsafe setting!

Was IAX easy to get going?


You should not need to use anonymous sip calls. I am using IAX2 with Gradwell but was using SIP before, setup is pretty much identical.

You will get a string something like this from Gradwell:
IAX2/username:[email protected]_IP_address/DID_number.

Set up your trunk as follows:

Trunk Name - username
Peer Details -
User Context - leave blank
User Details - leave blank
Register String - leave blank

You will most likely not need the require call token = no anymore for IAX2, this is a setup I have used since the old trixbox days before the call token was introduced into IAX2. SIP setup should be identical but will not need the require call token.

You will now just need to setup an inbound route using the DID that come in the Gradwell string after the slash (/).

Hope this helps, it has worked for years for me.

Thats good to hear that you can use Gradwell SIP without enabling anonymous sip, its a shame that their tech support at the time insisted that i must enable anonymous sip which is why i went over to iax2.