Gracefull hang up

So i have been playing with FreePBX! I love it. I have conferences setup. Should I be dialed into a conference and the machine gracefully shuts down, it would be nice for Asterisk to “whisper” that the bridge is being torn down and disconnect the conference and the participants in the process. As it stands now, the system just shuts down and the conference attendants are left on dead air.

What are the pros and cons of such a configuration, where, on graceful system shutdown, callers and other “up services” are gracefully notified and calls are cleanly shutdown.


Ok, I will play along for a bit. Why would a system with active calls be gracefully shut down?

I believe the OP was meaning that a courtesy announcement be made before the conference ended, then dropping all callers in the conference, rather than the entire system shutting down.

Personally, I have never needed to use a courtesy announcement because I usually tell all participants that I’m ending the conference. Anything after that should not be a surprise.

To the OP, not aware of anything that does this, however you could always request that a custom module be written up (at cost naturally) if it’s an important thing for you.
Alternatively, you could manually play an announcement over the bridge prior to hanging up.

LOL. For some reason or another, people don’t seem to want to acknowledge maintenance windows. So guess what, I will take down the system and they get dead air. Which is fine I suppose, they will dial back in, but it sure would be nice to give them that warning.

So upon initiation of shutdown/reboot process, Asterisk quote-unquote whispers a 10-15 seconds warning, then sends a “broadcast” BYE to all known CallIDs hanging out there. The whisper could even be customizable.

Mind you this would be Asterisk interrupting a “reboot” or “shutdown -r”, if that is even allowed by the system.

Maybe this is a feature request for the next version?