GPON Gateways (ONU)

I am an ISP and we normally install our network with copper based Cisco switches and use Grandstream gateways for analog phones. I am considering switching to GPON for our next build out. Does anyone know of any GPON ONU’s that are supported in EPM? I mean I have been able to get some to work by going through every device one at a time until it registers but I would rather use a device thats actually listed in EPM. I have spoken to one of my major copper equipment companies Cambium and talked them into working with Sangoma to get their products added to EPM. Its been many months since then so I am hopeful they will have something soon, but I am looking for the same thing on the GPON side.

I don’t see that as something that would be viable for the Endpoint Manager. You’re talking about the device that brings the fiber into the location. Having a built in VoIP module is fine for registering an ATA device to an external SIP system but that’s not what FreePBX is designed for. It’s a PBX for businesses and having something like the ONU registering to a company PBX isn’t something really needed. If a company needs an ATA device to connect to their PBX they’ll use a real standalone ATA device.

It sounds like you’re using FreePBX out of scope of what it is really meant for and would like out of scope devices to be added to the EPM.

Sorry, I disagree. I am talking about the ATA in the ONU. I have several different routers that have built in ATA (gateway) in the router and I am looking for any router that the gateway is defined and works from EPM. As I said before, I did get a cambium router with a 2 port ATA to work on freePBX by setting the template in EPM to each manufacturer until I found one that worked. When I booted the router it contacted the PBX and downloaded a configuration (for the ATA) and registered the 2 numbers I assigned in EPM. I want one that’s supported native to EPM not one that looks like something that’s supported. To be clear, when I go into the provisioning settings of the ATA and put in my PBX IP I want the routers ATA to download the configuration and registration for the extensions and allow changes from EPM. Once installed I will most likely not have physical access to the phone unless I go make a service call to a customer. I want to be able to push changes to the ATA via EPM. The routers I am using also are remotely managed via a cloud connection.; From the cloud account I can change the configuration of the routers Internet, WiFi, and ATA setting but from the cloud the only setting I put in was the provision server IP, the rest of the ATA settings came from FreePBX (and did not impact the WAN, LAN, and WiFi settings configured from the cloud). I only want a device that’s supported by EPM so that I don’t have to worry about breaking the relationship every time I upgrade/patch the PBX.

As a follow up, cant I just make a basefile that matches what the router ATA is expecting from the variables? If I call it GPON-“vendor” wouldn’t I be able to select it as a template or is the basefile tied into some sangoma EPM interface thingy? I see a lot of phones with the same template and lots of buttons that aren’t even on the phone so I assume many of the templates are generic. Seems like something that could easily be updated in freepbx on a future release. As great as FreePBX is I have always been disappointed in the templates in EPM and the firmware versions that always seem to be years out of date. Most templates dont even have the phone layout picture? (i.e. “image not available”) that seems like a project for a summer intern at Sangoma. Not complicated, just google the phone and copy the pictures and put them in this directory with a name in this format… and repeat.

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