Got stuck after FreePBX 12 alpha install

Is this a known issue? got stuck on that screen after install 1st reboot. Rebooted again, same…

How long did you wait?

10 mins or so…

Just made a new test of one hour… nothing happens…

Re -installed from USB img stick few times - no luck, all “hangs” (it can be shut down with ctrl-alt-del). In fact OS and asterisk is installed ok - just Freepbx not. If unplug network cable installation will skip that step and OS is fully functional, but without GUI. I think something wrong with script file that must install Freepbx 12 . Hardware - i1037/NM70/2gb DDR3/WD 2500AAKX

update - Freepbx is accesible from web , and thru ssh or second console (alt+f2) but on first console screen - stuck with screen like topicstarter has uploaded.

URL opens as you mentioned. but:

No one can help ?

If you are not comfortable with using “alpha” software , you should stick with a more stable version. Problems with such software traditionally would require that you to post discovered bugs in the appropriate place, and participate in the recevery of those bugs, genereally that is would not be here in the “Installation forum” :slight_smile:

(I must admit that with a cursory reading of the Wiki et-al available here that this is not well stated, perhaps Shmooze could define better what you should expect from their published distributions and why you should install alpha or stable)

I am confortable using a “alpha” software. But “usually” during the installation process we would not see those kinds of issues happening even for “alpha” versions. At least “I” never had issues before during during the install of any released “alpha, beta, non-stable version” of anything, since 1990. And I am not sure if you where able to read at the begging, but here is again: “IS THIS A KNOWN ISSUE”? I asked that because its a “alpha” version. Please, let me know where I can grab the logs for that and could help troubleshooting, and also the correct place where to post here (if you don’t mind).

I am aware of your “begging” but please understand that it is almost guaranteed that alpha software is broken and needs YOUR support to report the discrepancies that don’t work for you, if in your 23 year experience you have never run into that, then you are probably unique and very lucky. Just post a bug report in the right place and be conforma, it’s just that easy and has worked like that for way more than 23 years.

( you will generally have to provide diagnoses with a little more meat than “It doesn’t work” to be in anyway useful though)

First of all, s0rry about the typos! Running out time, among a lot stuff so need type fast.
I had issues before, but not during the install @only@. I was not able to find topic about installation issues for Freepbx 12, so I posted here screenshots and asked if it was a known issue before start any further troubleshooting. As I mentioned, I don’t have much available time to work on install issues for this released alpha version. But please, bear with me. If you don’t know the answer of my question, go bother someone else!

If you don’t have time for due diligence, maybe you should just pay for professional help, then you wont need a brain.

igoth I have not installed from the img file, just an ISO, and have not ran into that issue, what hardware are you loading the Distro on?

I think Dicko was a bit harsh, but Alpha is for testing, if you don’t want to test why not run stable.

To that end, I have the ISO running on a VM and it is an impressive upgrade. Personally my focus is going to be to run PJSIP through the works.

Hi, I’m using VMware Workstation 10. I just reinstalled it dnd seem to working just fine, I was able to get in via ssh and web without any issues. But as “muzzykiev” mentioned, still not getting the login prompt in the first console. Wondering if I rebooted before it complete installs at the first time.

FWIW, I am attempting a FreePBX 12 distro install on my Foxconn nT-330i computer. It’s one of those baby, bare-bones, nVIDIA MCP7A-ION, Intel Atom 330 (1.6GHz, Dual Core), NVIDIA ION graphics processor, 2 Gig RAM, 60Gig SSD Drive
1 x 200-pin SO-DIMM. Seems to have hung at the same place as listed above.

On some systems you will find this in Distro Version 6.xx. It is something we fixed previously but due to the development process surrounding the alpha we went back to. Unfortunately the answer is, if it doesn’t work for you there is nothing we can do. When this moves to stable the fixes we applied before will be applied to 6.xx and there will no longer be any issues.

The install of the RPM in firstboot for Alpha can take 15-20 minutes on some systems.