Googlevoice not sending calls to freepbx. Outgoing works

I am not getting any indication of incoming calls or any debug activity when I call my GV number (from my cell). I can make calls out from my soft phone through asterisk/freepbx via GV. I have tried turning off chat, etc and think I have run out of settings in my google account. Am running Asterisk 11.25.1 on Beaglebone black. FreePBX

Did you make any firewall changes in network? This could easily affect inbound calls and not outbound calls. I would check your firewall logs to make sure the packets are not being blocked there. You could also do a packet trace to see if the packets are reaching the firewall. Also they have been making changes to Google Voice lately, which has not been the case for many years. With this information we can narrow down the issue.

You might want to move this to the trunk thread for more exposure.

I didn’t have googlevoice calls forwarded to google chat. Selected that and everything is working. Doh!