GoogleTTS for Appointment Reminder Module

Has anyone gotten GoogleTTS to successfully work with the appointment reminder module?

I have added GoogleTTS via the TTS Engine screen. I have also modified the propolys-tts.agi file, giving the PHP script the correct command-line options in the switch structure to produce the sound file. GoogleTTS is working both in custom dialplan extensions and with the built-in TTS application. However, it does not work with the appointment reminder module. Upon watching the debug output I believe I know why.

The appointment reminder module seems to utilize the information in the TTS engine screen differently than the FreePBX TTS application does. The FreePBX TTS application calls propolys-tts.agi through the AGI passing the path to the TTS executable and a name which determines the syntax via a switch statement in propolys-tts.agi. The appointment reminder module instead tries to run an application registered in Asterisk with the same name as the TTS engine.

Has anyone found a way to make this work? I don’t believe there is an available to load GoogleTTS as a dialplan application.

May be a start:

Thanks for the response. That post is what I was describing as far as getting GoogleTTS working in the dialplan and with the Text To Speech application. That works great and makes sense. The problem I am running into is that the appointment reminder module doesn’t use propolys-tts.agi. It bypasses it and tries to find a dialplan application sharing the name of the text to speech engine. In other words, it uses the Text to Speech Engine configuration screen options differently than the Text to Speech application does.

I assume you have /usr/bin/googleTTS/ and that it has the proper permissions

I do. It is owned by asterisk:asterisk and is executable. I have used the GoogleTTS engine in the Text to Speech Application (which uses /usr/bin/googleTTS/ and directly from the dialplan (which uses googletts.agi) without issue. The problem is only present in the appointment reminder module in my experience.