Google voice

Ubuntu 10.04 64-bit
Asterisk 1.8.3
FreePBX 2.9

I have google voice setup where both inbound/outbound work fine. But when I call my google voice number from a cell or regular phone the google operator gives me two options:

To accept (the call) press 1
To leave a voicemail press 2

This is what is heard on inbound calls to my GV number. Is this something recently new? Or is a way to bypass this message on inbound calls?

Hey kgoerbig can you post your configs for inbound calls. I have my outgoing calls working just fine but I can’t get my incoming calls to work. It just go to voicemail every time i try to make a incoming call to myself from my cell.

Well you made it to this forum without any issue but all you had to do was take one more minute and read other posts. this is an unofficial known issue with freepbx/asterisk/google voice.

Whats up? I have been dealing with the EXACT same issue. I noticed this post from last April… How did you ever get it to work?