Google Voice - Multiple Lines

I currently obtained about 8 extra Google Voice numbers for my PBX, as each GV number can only take 2 calls at a time. However, if I call in on the main number (the only number clients see), only 2 get through, and the rest are automatically thrown to the Google Voice voicemail system, or a busy signal. Instead, I want the system to send the call to a different number, and then connect them to the PBX.

Is there any way for Asterisk/FreePBX to do this, or is there a service that can do this for me? (preferably free). I don’t want to put on my site, “try these numbers. if one doesn’t work, try the next”. sounds very unprofessional.

I fail to see why anybody expects google to supply cost free PBX systems.

Remember, these guys are NOT stupid, if you try to FWT they will FWU.