Google Voice (Motif) Disconnected - XMPP ERROR

I have a Raspberry Pi with RasPBX 3.12.25. Once in a while my Google Voice will show the “Disconnected” status. I logged into CLI and found this error message.

ERROR[3438]: res_xmpp.c:3464 xmpp_client_reconnect: No XMPP connection available when trying to connect client 'blagmailcom'

What does this mean?

The general advice for google voice ala xmpp is don’t. This is a hack that uses an unreleased, undocumented, unauthorized API. If you wish to use Google Voice with FreePBX you should go the obihai route. This back door could be shut down at any point and because it is not an authorized method supporting it is sketchy at best

Thanks, going to try the Obihai Obi200 out, didn’t know that about the GV Plugin.