Google Voice Module - Use Google for Voice Mail

I hope this is the right place to ask but I’m not really sure. I’ve done a ton of research on google and havnt been able to find how to do this yet. Is there any way to use google voice mail instead of the asterisk voicemail with the Google Voice FreePBX module. I belive this has to do with now answering the call, but I’m still struggling on how to do this.

Solved, I had been changing the wrong line in my dialplan. In “extensions_additional.conf” under the “[googlein]” context, replace “exten => [email protected],n,Answer” with “exten => [email protected],n,Dial(SIP/101,20,D(:1))”, dont forget to put the right extention in there. This will cause Asterisk not to answer the call unless you answer the extention, and wont go to asterisk’s voicemail.

This would be a cool feature to add to the module.

Per the notice at the top of the file you should not make any changes to this file, it is written by FreePBX every time you make a change.

Use the extensions_custom.conf for user extensions. I am sure the Google voice module (which is not an official FreePBX module) has contexts included for user extensions.

This module is currently maintained by POSSA. I have added this discussion to the issue tracker there: