Google voice forwarding to a trunk that comes into my FreePBX

Hi all, so this is a little of a different google voice question. I have tried doing some searching but most of the google voice related freepbx stuff is based on using GV as a trunk. This is not that.

So basically I use my GV number for everyyyyything. My freepbx system revolves around a flowroute SIP trunk, and that all works perfect. My GV setup has my cell phone, and my flowroute DID set up as linked numbers, and it works.

However, my issue is this. I want GV to manage ALL of my voicemail. Right now, even though the inbound route rings for a period and then terminates the call with the ‘continue ringing’ rule, it seems to accept the call and google voice hands it off. This changed in the last year or so. My system would ring my inbound route, with no pickup, would roll to google voice voicemail. Any ideas on what needs to be tweaked so that this operate the way I desire (and the way it used to)?

In your Inbound Route, Signal Ringing, Force Answer and Detect Faxes must all be No.

The Inbound Route destination should be an extension or ring group, which should have a Ring Time of 30 seconds and a Destination if no answer of Voicemail. The extension / ring group should not do anything (such as playing music) that would answer the call.

Under normal conditions, GV will go to its voicemail after 25 seconds. This will look like a missed call to FreePBX and Asterisk voicemail will not be called. However, if for some reason GV fails to answer, or the Flowroute DID is called directly, Asterisk voicemail will answer after 30 seconds.

If you still have trouble, paste a log of an improperly answered call at and post the link here.

Thanks for your reply. The Ring time was the kicker. I think this may have started when I upgraded and moved my phones to my Freepbx 15 install. I think the default ring time was 20 seconds, and I tried shortening it, instead of lengthening it which seems to have been the key. All other values are as you had outlined.

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