Google Voice disconnected after about a day


I have setup freepbx and it is working great except for one thing.

Google voice disconnects after about 24+ hours. It might be related to the fact that the phone system has almost no activity. That will change soon but i would like to no the cause.

The web admin interface shows green for the connection. But when dialing the number the google voice operator says that the phone number is unavailable or something like that.

Right now the only thing I have found to fix it is a reboot of the pbx server. (BTW I am using the virtualbox version running on an ubuntu server.)

Any ideas. Can anyone point me to a troubleshooting document? How do I test the connectivity from the pbx terminal?


I to have the same issue about 24 hours shows connected in server but google voice will now dial in… strange thing you can dial out using google voice account.
Go to motif settings page. make no changes and submit, as soon as you apply any changes it works again.

Cron script to reboot??