Google Voice/Chan Motif upgrade issue


After reading the blog at Nerdvittles I went ahead and downloaded the PIAF ISO from SourceForge.

I’ve had a heck of a tough time getting this thing to work correctly, but I finally got it running with Google Voice and Csipsimple on my smartphone.

Unfortunately, thinking it would be a good idea, I went into the Module Admin section and downloaded updates for all the modules that were marked outdated. After doing this, a new problem began with Google Voice.

Prior to updating the Google Voice/Motif module, when registering a Google Voice number it would only ask for the Google username, not the Google email address. After the update, FreePBX appends ‘’ to the username. Because of this, the Google account now shows Disconnected no matter what I type in.

Interestingly, prior to updating the Google Voice/Motif module, I added three Google Voice accounts and these accounts still connect fine. Now after installing the module update for Google Voice/Motif, if I add a new Google Voice account it shows Disconnected. Yes, I’ve verified that the Google account name, password and Google Voice phone number are correct.

I’ve already disposed a great amount of time getting this fuxer to work correctly, so I’m increasingly annoyed at this thing now screwing up after installing a module update. I would be greatly thankful if someone knows what’s the deal and could shed some insight. I’m very much a Linux/FreePBX newbie so beyond following the very scattered and inconsistent documentation online, I’m at a loss.

Here’s some info pertaining to the build I’m running.

PIAF Installed Version = under HARDWARE
FreePBX Version =
Running Asterisk Version = 11.3.0
Asterisk Source Version = 11.3.0
Dahdi Source Version = 2.6.2
Libpri Source Version = 1.4.12
Operating System = CentOS release 6.4 (Final) <>
Kernel Version = 2.6.32-358.2.1.el6.i686 - 32 Bit
Google Voice/Chan Motif = 2.11.10

Thanks in advance

The most recent update was simply a cosmetic update with a badly coded include. So sorry for that. 2.11.11 should set you straight.

In response to appending the @gmail. It’s been that way since day 1 of release. Nothing has changed in that regard.

Oh alright. Prior to this update, I remember it specifically said not to include the ‘’ in the username. That’s why I thought that’s the reason it broke.

I installed the latest update you posted. It works now.

Thank you!!!