Google lookup

Hi all.

I use a Thunderbird addon to sync my Thunderbird, google accouns and my mobile phone so all my coontacts are the same.

Is there anyway I can get a CID lookup to work with google or something so it looks it up to give me the callers name?

No I want to search my google contacts. My gmail is synced with my mobile and my thunderbird email client. So the easiet and most online out of these is my google gmail account. So I would like to be able to lookup my contacts on google

so you would want google to search the internet to find a name associated with a telephone number? I don’t think that would be terribly reliable since not all CNAM information is published on the internet. For instance, my old cell phone number never showed my name when I typed in my ten digit telephone number

I believe the solution or right track is true the google api create a xml and link this xml to your pbx or phone !