Google Login on FreePBX

Hi Guys,

Do you know if its possible to add a Google Sign-in button to FreePBX?

I don’t think this is possible as of now, you can file a feature request

Whoa, wait.

I’d like to hear more about this entertaining new idea. I’m pretty sure this is going to be good.

He’s basically asking about single sign-on. A Google sign-in button, or an integration with a network active directory or Office 365 AD.

Separating authentication and authorization would allow this to be implemented pretty easily. Apache modules such as mod_oidc ( let you perform authn against OpenID Connect providers, which would include both Google and Office365.

If FreePBX left the authn to Apache and then performed the authorization part against its own database you could implement admin and user roles in the same way as today.

+1 on this feature request.

Update, you can probably make this work just fine today. I totally missed the “webserver” option in Advanced Settings - System Setup - Authorization Type, which does authn at the Apache level and authz at the FreePBX database level. Perfect!

All logins are done through user manager now. User manager is written so authentication is pluggble. That is how LDAP is implemented. Basically if someone wants to write a driver for any SSO service it will work.


Checkout how Firebase Google Authentication works. (You can manage from there admins and users as well)

yes, But once you use authn you will have no ability to ‘logout’. We do not recommend this mode.

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