Google ID lookup for FreePBX

A while ago, I wrote a module fro FreePBX Superfecta allowing it to use a google contact list to look up incoming call numbers, and so give them an id. I’ve recently received an email from Google asking for it to go through a “verification” process to confirm that it is kosher. Failure to do so will eventually stop it working (not immediately).
So, my question is: is anyone using this module? Do people (does anyone) find it useful? If so, it is worth (a) moving it to use a google account associated with FreePBX rather than my personal one and (b) going through the verification process, and I’m happy to help with this. If no one else is using it, then we can just let it slowly pass into the ether of ex-code …

I personally am using it and noticed that it wasn’t working anymore. I figure this must be why. Would you be willing to instruct me how to set up an Oauth for myself?

Happy to help, sorry for the delay - I thought the system pushed things through to my email, but apparently not. The OAtuh bit is but in fine, it’s at a higher level that the issue is: Google are blocking the code full stop until we get a higher grade of clearance from them as it connects to sensitive persons data.

I’m going through the requirements to get the module approved by Google. One is for images of the consent screens. I am unable to get the consent screens as I am no longer running freepbx. Would you be able to go through the process and screen shot the consent screens please? It may be that we have to change some text to make it clearer what is being done by the user, but it may be fine in context.

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