Google Contacts Integration With Superfecta

Following instructions from April 2020 - I get stuck with Google rejecting the request with the message: This app is blocked; This app tried to access sensitive info in your Google Account. To keep your account safe, Google blocked this access.

I have turned off 2FA for the account but it still gives the same message. I have the gmail account open in an other tab.

I have checked the gmail account and can’t see any messages there or options that may help.

Has anyone recently done this?

I don’t know whether this is your issue, but Google has sunset the Contacts API; see

That page has a link to the People API. With luck you can modify the script to use People instead.

Thank you. That seems very likely (though the actual error message, shown a gmail page, does not quite say that).

Where/how do I find the script to change?

As Superfecta is part are Freepbx, should it not have been changed as part of module Updates?

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