Google Calls Ignore IVR

We recently started using google ads. But a strange (to me) thing happens whenever someone hits the call now button on google and it’s forwarded through their system it skips our IVR and ring group. The call just rings for 58 sec then ends. I’m not really sure where these calls are going. Google points at our main number and that works fine. We haven’t seen any issues with other calls just google forwarded ones. Anyone experience this before?

Does anything appear in the Asterisk log for one of these calls? If so, please paste the log for a failed call at and post the link here.

If not, does your trunking provider have CDRs (Call Detail Records) for your account on their portal? If so, what (if anything) appears there for a failed call?

If not, confirm that your number is correct and properly formatted at Google (I don’t know, it may need to include the country code). If so, do a test by temporarily pointing at e.g. your mobile number and confirm that calls work properly.

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