Good time fo for a community update on the focus for 2019

Now that Asterisk World is over, it would be nice to get an overview of the Sangoma, Asterisk and Freepbx efforts for 2019. Just an idea of the planned dos, need to dos and nice to dos.
Need to throw a few bones to the troops to keep up interest.

Those are going to be three completely set of plans overall. Sangoma is more than FreePBX, which is just a OSS project supported by Sangoma. So those plans are going to be focused around things like their gateways, appliances, PBXact and other revenues I’m sure.

As for Asterisk, while Sangoma is the parent company, they have stated numerous times that Asterisk (Digium) will continue to operate as its own entity. So those plans, if/when announced, would done via different channels.

And for FreePBX, I’m sure the focus is getting the new version they announced 6 months ago pushed to stable.

Just curious if you are hanging out here, and if you are receiving marketing & webinar emails?

There are constantly new webinars, and very often new marketing emails. There was just one recently with a coupon which allowed us to purchase EPM for $100 (instead of original price $150)

If you want to see which features and changes are planned to go into future releases, most of it is public, either on or

Thanks for sharing, well done. This update is as fascinating as it is useful. It provides insights on many fronts, not the least of which, is the sophistication and dedication of the development team. Not all plans and information require being closely held so do please continue to share where ever you can. Thanks again.

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