Goip - gsm --> IVR --> gsm

Good day.
I’ve just recently come across this FreePBX and it looks interesting.
I’ve been searching a bit for some information regarding GoIP.

My simple question is:
Is it possible to call from a cellphone to the GoIP, let the IVR respond and give the caller some options, and then place a further call via the same GoIP box to another cellphone (my phone or my friend depending on choice in IVR)?

I’m thinking of using 1 pcs GoIP4 or maybe 2 pcs GoIP (single channel) would work just as good and easier?

I might be stupid not to have found information on this, but I have been searching for a couple of days now :stuck_out_tongue:.

What should I look for, what are the terms used for this kind of achivement?

I do have basic ++ knowledge to linux and terminal use.

I appriciate any replies.
Best regards

yes, it can be done. moblie phone(GSM)->GSM(first GSM or channel) gateway(SIP)-FreePBX-IVR-Follow me(call out through second GSM).

Thank you for the reply.

It seems I’ll have to test this out, then :smile:

Are there any more information regarding this subject, by the way?