GoIP-4 dose not detect inserted SIM cards in channel ports

Hello, so i just got a GoIP-4 device and intiially i inserted one sim card in channel 1 port. The GoIP read the inserted sim card correctly. and i was able to do calls and sms messaging. Then, i shut the device off. inserted another sim card in channel 2 port, when i rebooted the device i saw that the device did not recognize any of them. even the one that was working before 10 minutes.

what i have tried:

  • rebooting the device.
  • resetting to factory config.
  • placing the sim cards in a mobile to see if they are blocked, but i could make phone calls and sms through a mobile phone normally.

Any ideas where i might have gone wrong?

this is what it looks like now, note channel 1 and 2 have sim cards inserted in them

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