Gnu-glp license

I have just finshed developing a conference system based on freepbx SNG7-FPBX, asterisk. I read the GNU-glp license, but came to wonder what needs to be required of me as a developer and vendor to sell my program to a public and to an organization with private networks; should I buy and replace the source code with one similar to the version I have? What about the registering the version installed in a private network, which is quite prohibitieve in every measurable ways.
For now, I have a testing server, which I keep for testing as well as to keep license and activation keys used in developing this with Php and C.

best bet is to contact [email protected] they will get you the info you need.

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I have contacted the sales and they have yet to reply. So basically does it matter whether I register the installed freepbx version or not?