Gnome or KDE Desktop

I’m just throwing this question out there to get some feed back from the community.
Question: is there any reason to install Gnome or KDE ontop my FreePBX box? I’m new to Linux and so don’t have a feel for the command line method. It would be a help (to me) to be able to access different directories, drives or install apps. Currently I’m running FreePBX Vs on CentOS 6.2.
Oh, and how do I go about installing a desktop enviroment? I’ve tried installing Gnome and changing the id:3:initdefault to id:5:initdefault, but CentOS appeared to stall.

Thank you. I will look into your advice.

GUI desktops take up space on your harddrive, if you don’t run them they take no CPU cycles. If you want it for sporadic ssh usage or console usage then you would normally call startx (startxfce4) from the session, vnc makes it a little easier for the linux impaired , so don’t start your machine in runlevel 5 or suffer a performance penalty.

You will need to yum groupinstall “X Window System” and then the GUI of your choice, perhaps XFCE-4.4 if you have limited yourself to Centos, it is perhaps the lightest weight desktop you will be comfortable with. xrdp will kind of wrap all that for you if you are windoze based.