Gmail as postfix SMTP relay in CentOS 7

Followed these instructions:

And still having trouble. Trying to set this up so that I can send emails out from FreePBX obviously. Everytime I send a test message, /var/log/maillog still returns:

postfix/smtp[31970]: 7880343D513C: SASL authentication failed; server[] said: 534-5.7.14 < SVSFq7E-OTTONQlngmEb_fm4fRMazei637OGMU4Kq2MXKcF0YWxX0rtwtXGsGjCywTNu_a?534-5.7.14 1y4zA0I0b3XAMM6zPiTef2Ob4Pk1KpBXT0NvqW2vVV5Y3-BJliImFGtngnAI0d2Dcyuua9?534-5.7.14 Y7Myd-hNV5QxUWrLytnHI4FQmQuU91MYI-AkVNqTF_JZGBuVX236dDoRt_i42DQPnFdlyB?534-5.7.14 WWXVYStViTgACtoFs_7sWtmhI168s> Please log in via your web browser and?534-5.7.14 then try again.?534-5.7.14 Learn more at?534 5.7.14 q190sm2001023qhb.9 - gsmtp

Iā€™m stuck. What else can I try to get SASL to work?

There was a post on here similar to this before. Try enabling un-secure apps on your Google account.

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Thanks, that did it!