Global time condition day/night toggle

I know each time condition has a day/night number. Is it possible to create a global number where all time conditions, in this case multiple offices, multiple time conditions, can be activated all at the same time? If the switchboard/front desk, wants to activate all time conditions, before 5 pm, is there a way to do that globally, w/o hitting a BLF for every time condition?
The customer wanted that ability at the time group, but that module doesn’t have that ability.


Not a full GUI solution…

You could make a callflow control that you don’t use directly in your routing.

Build an override context on your [from-trunk] context tied to the state of that call flow (Normal/Override)
if status = Normal then ignore and continue on, otherwise play your global closed message instead of going to the [ext-did]s.

That should allow them a one stop toggle (via the GUI or feature code) without having to change your existing inbound routes or time conditions.

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can this be done in the GUI or is it advanced programming? I have only been working with this system, less than a year, and im still learning.

I just said it wasn’t a full GUI solution above… My method prescribes adding 1 line/check in the configuration override file, while doing the rest of it in the GUI.

I cannot think of a clean way to do it in the GUI alone (without significant work by the end users). Maybe something at the carrier level? Someone else on the forum might have an idea to. Lots of smart people here :slight_smile:

If you want to offer beyond what’s possible in the GUI, I suggest grabbing an asterisk book or two and start reading up on the dial plan.

Its also been helpful for me to build things in the GUI then SSH into the server and look at the /etc/asterisk/extensions_additional.conf to understand what’s happening at the dial plan level.

Actually, creating a new context (in the editor, still no GUI) in the extensions_custom.conf file called “[from-trunk-custom]” and referencing the time condition might also work. That avoids having to make the “override” update. It’s also safe across updates and doesn’t mess with any of the system’s files.

The content of the new context would be simple enough, a check for the time condition and a jump to a universal “closed” message. There should be lots of examples out on the Interwebs that you can start with. Post your code here and we’ll look at it if you want a second (or maybe third) set of eyes on it.

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An idea came to me this morning. Since you can modify the feature codes, would the system allow you to modify the feature code for day/night, for all time conditions, and make it one number, i.e. *271. Would the system be strong enough to do that or would an error came back about duplicate feature codes?

Try it. I’m dubious that it will work, but I’ve been wronger about simpler.

I tried it on a lab model and system told me I couldn’t use duplicate feature codes. :frowning:

I found my solution. I created a unique ring group. Assigned all Time Condition feature code numbers to the ring group, making sure I added a # sign to the end of each. I created a speed dial button, on the phone, to dial the ring group. The ring group, in turn, dials all the TC feature codes, activating each one. The BLF I created lets me know that the TC has been activated (for one of them, not all of them). In order to see that I can check the TC module.


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