Glibc for nodejs for google-cloud-speech ari app problem

I am using Freepbx 16, and I see that the version of nodejs is v8.16.0

I am trying to create an application using ari with nodejs, and looked at the nodejs modules for google-cloud-speech with the hope of incorporating speech-rec

In passing it noted that there are versions of this module for outdated versions of nodejs, such as version 8, which led me to discover that nodejs is up to at lease version 20, and that version 8 has is past end of life.

yum does not show any available updates, so I installed the “n” script using npm, as instructed graciously by Dicko in
Npm is known not to run on Node.js
and then tried “sudo n install 20”.

This failed with multiple reports of missing versions of glibc and glibcxx, but again, I do not see any available updates in yum for these.

I suspect that I am unfamiliar with how to update a freepbx system and there another tool that is used for this update?

I have a hard time believing that nodejs v8 is the only version available.


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