Give a Ring Group 2 Extensions?


We are migrating to FreePBX. During this migration we are merging 2 ring groups. Is it possible to give a ring group 2 extensions so both legacy numbers work please?



Ring groups are one thing, Inbound routes another, they are not tied together.

I didn’t mention anything about inbound routes??

I want it so a user can phone internal number 3200 and 3201 and get to the same ring group.



As i say so we can keep the legacy numbers. For various reason both numbers still need to be available, we can’t just kill one off.

Just create two identical ring groups. One 3200 the other 3201. Both with the same numbers as targets.


You could create the ring group for 3200 (or whichever one you wanna keep in the end), and then add a “Misc Application” on 3201 that points to the ring group at 3200. Seems cleaner to me than having redundant ring groups.

Yep, you could do it that way too, either way is exactly the same a punt of work.


I just thought that not having duplicate entities to maintain makes administration less error prone.
I’m not a big fan of haveing two things doing the exact same thing.
But yes, either way would work.

Thanks @namezero111111 i used your method. Both numbers have been published so need to keep both in action. Thanks