Gigaset no audio on incoming calls

Running Asterisk 1.8 with FreePBX 2.10 and have a Gigaset N300IP based with two handsets. The first handset is connected to this Asterisk server which is remotely located so the connection is NATed. The other handset is connected to a third party ITSP with another NATed SIP connection.

This setup has been working perfectly for about 6-9 months. However today (for no reason I can fathom as nothing has changed) I can get no audio on inbound calls from either Asterisk or the other provider.

When I make an outbound call everything is fine. If I do the Asterisk echo test all is fine. if I substitute the Gigaset for a PC soft phone on the same extension all works fine. So I guess it’s the Gigaset. My first though was codecs so I checked the Gigaset and remoted all but alaw and ulaw, but still no good.

I haven’t seen any Gigaset firmware updates for quite some time so I don’t think it’s a firmware issues.

I’ve checked the Asterisk log and the call connected successfully with no specific issues. I will do a sip debug but just wondered if anyone else had come across any such problems with these handsets?

hi lee,
could you tell me how you configured the N300 IP on your free PBX server as I can seem to be able to do, and can’t see it in the list on the end point manager configuration.

your help would be much appreciated.

Did a factory reset of the Gigaset N300IP and set it up again from scratch and all is OK again now! Strange one…

ash10: As you say it’s not supported by EMP. So I set it up by hand as follows:

Personal Provider Data:

Auth Name: (extension number)
Auth Password: (extension secret)
Username: (extension number)
Display Name: (anything you like)

Advanced Settings:
Domain: (IP or FQND of PBX)
Proxy server: (IP or FQND of PBX)
Reg. server: (IP or FQND of PBX)
STUN server: n/a
Outbound proxy mode: auto
Outbound server: (IP or FQND of PBX)
Network Protocol: UDP only

Anything else leave as default.

This worked for me. Sometimes when committing changes the Gigaset did not save the secret properly and Asterisk complained about password being wrong. Just try re-inputting the password if this happens and save the changes and it usually clears the problem.

Hi Lee,
Many thanks for the quick reply, I have now got the phone registered the Auth Password: (extension secret) was the parameter that I have set wrong.

again many thanks for your help.