Gigaset E630GO and Freepbx

I have a Gigaset E630GO connected to a RaspPBX. Normally everything works fine, but after 4 to 5 days, the Gigaset looses the registration. Then I have to reboot the base station of the Gigaset (either software or hardware) and everything restarts correctly. On the same PBX I have also a Ciso ATA SPA112 and a CISCO phone which work always.
Does somebody have some suggestions?


Probably you already did, but have you checked if your Gigaset is running the latest firmware?

Thanks, I did it already.
The Gigaset was connected directly on the router and the rest of the installation (PBX and phones) is connected to a switch. Now I have moved the Gigaset on the same switch. I suspect that the router from the provider makes some micro interruptions, which could cause a registration failure.
Now I wait some days, to see the behaviour and then I will update the post.