Getting unauthorized when trying to register extension Avaya


I have setup FreePBX 2.11 with Asterisk 11. I have successfully setup a Google Voice number with it and was able to make and receive calls with the Yate soft phone.

My problem comes when trying to add a hard phone … Avaya 4610sw ip phone … I have loaded SIP and successfully communicated with the call server … but no matter what I do, the password is unrecognized.

NOTICE[1916] chan_sip.c: Registration from ‘201 sip:[email protected]’ failed for ‘’ - Wrong password

I’ve tried two phones, deleted extension and recreated a few times… restarted a bunch… reset phones and reloaded SIP… googled it all without success.

Any ideas why the password is not getting from the phone to the server correctly?


Do you have the same password set on the phone and on the server? I will guess that you are manually configuring the phone so you will need to enter the password on the phone.

Hello … thanks for the reply …

Yes … if you mean do I type in the password on the phone’s numeric keypad when prompted … yes. Is there somewhere else I need to add this info?

I also looked through the phone’s 46xxsettings.txt that is uploaded when I converted to SIP … but I did not see anywhere in that file for the info though I did add it where a SIP password was called out … still with no success.

Here is what I changed under the SIP Settings section of the file (which is rather lengthy)



But as I said … that didn’t help.

Do you have the secret for x201 set to pass1234?

Yes …

Got it to work!
I turned off Require Strong Secrets … set the extension password in Asterisk to just a plain number … and it now registers …

Not that I want to run this way but maybe I’m missing something when typing in the alpha type password on the phone … I’m just hitting the numeric keys that correspond to the letters/numbers … is there anything I should be toggling before pressing keys …?

Time to RTM I guess … thanks for the help though!

Now to add multiple Google Voice #'s …